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Artificial Casings

Artificial Casings

Meatlonn Fibrous Casings
Meatlonn casings are manufactured by forming a special thin paper made from selected abaca fiber into a continuous tube which is then impregnated with viscose prepared from wood pulp. The combination of this optimal selection of natural raw materials and our experienced techniques of production and quality control provides the following features for Meatlonn. Superb strength Reliable size consistency Moderate permeability to moisture and smoke which is one of the significant characteristics of fibrous casing Good machine-ability at high speed stuffing Flexible convertibility to customized form Easy to dispose and more

Meatlonn V type
The regular type of fibrous casing for cooked and smoked sausages. The common applications for V type are for bologna, mortadella, cooked salami, dry sausages for slicing and similar products which do not require special peeling or adhesion featured of casings for the encased products throughout the process

Meatlonn E Type
An easily peelable type of fibrous casing of which the inner surface is specially treated during production to make it easy to peel from the encased product without disrupting the product's surface. The most common uses for E type are for cooked and smoked ham, and the products to be sliced in the factory. This type can also be used for processed and smoked cheese.

Meatlonn G Type
A good adhesion type of fibrous casing of which inner surface is specially treated during its production so that it may adhere to and shrink with the encased product as it dries. The most common applications for G type are for dry and semi-dry sausages such as salami, pepperoni, summer sausage and similar kinds.