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Natural Casings

Hog Casings

Ideal for fresh and dried sausages, they deliver that tender and crackling feeling when biting that no other product can provide. They protect the real flavor and freshness of the final product. Moreover, their strength, elasticity and porosity allow an efficient stuffing and a natural home made appearance. Real colors and flavors of the sausage are easy to appreciate. Hog casings are directly imported and sold by single hanks, net-packed or tube (sticks). Sticks consist on a flexible plastic tube that goes through the casing, avoiding the manufacturer to unravel hanks, check for ends, etc. Its use is extremely fast and simple. For sausage manufacturers with higher production levels, we offer 90 m. net packed hanks. Hog casings delivered this way have all their ends grouped in a plastic ring. Once the bag is opened all the ends are on the stuffing tray.


Hog casings

slightly curved


fresh, dired, cooked and smoked sausages Packaging: hanks of 90 m., netpacked or tubed.


hanks of 90 m., netpacked or tubed.

available calibres

Ø 36/38 mm. - Ø 38/40 mm. - Ø 40/42 mm.