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Natural Casings

Sheep Casings

Sheep casings are the highest quality goods for narrow calibre fresh or cooked sausages. They combine their transparency with strength enough to support the processes of stuffing, cooking and smoking. Their colour varies with their origin from white to grey, but such variation has no relationship with matters of quality, mechanical resistance or smoke penetration aptitude. It simply depends on the region of breeding and the consequent feeding of the animal. Sheep casings are offered in ha Hog casings are directly imported and sold by single hanks, net-packed or tube (sticks). Sticks consist on a flexible plastic tube that goes through the casing, avoiding the manufacturer to unravel hanks, check for ends, etc. Its use is extremely fast and simple.


Sheep casings

slightly curved.


fesh, cooked, smoked and dried sausages.


hanks of 90 m.

available calibres

Ø 16/18 mm., Ø 18/20 mm., Ø 20/22 mm., Ø 22/24 mm., Ø 24/26 mm., Ø 26/28 mm.

Fresh sausages

The quality of our sheep casings delivers excellent looking.

Sheep casings

High strength and continuous caliber.